Think global, act local.

What global issues do you think about?

Do you watch the news on TV, or read the newspaper or read the news online? Do you dream of travelling overseas and experiencing more of the world we live in? Do you support organisations that are working to make the world a better place?

We live in an incredible world of communication in 2011. The world is literally at our fingertips through the internet, and we can instantly be informed of news from all corners of the globe. And, us Aussies have big enough incomes to enable us to get out and about, travel and experience the bigger world ourselves.

We are made aware of natural disasters, war and displacement, poverty and diseases, need and challenges.  We learn about culture and life-style, traditions and histories, food, language, and the unique characteristics of the environment, wildlife and people groups.

And let's bring this global experience home.

There is no need to live in Africa or Asia, South America or Europe to stay connected to it. We can live with a global perspective, applied to our everyday life. The way you choose to live has a ripple effect on the world we belong to. We live in a global community, interdependent on one another;

Where is your food grown that you eat? Where are your clothing and shoes produced? Where are the parts in your technology originating from? What parts of the world are the gems in your jewellery coming from? What story of production is behind your car, your furniture, your coffee & tea, your beauty products, your home-wares, or your bible?

When you begin to bring precious stories of the global community into your every day, it becomes a point of conversation with those in your local community. The photo of our sponsor child Ezekiel on our fridge, next to the photo's of our nephew and nieces, generates conversation of who he is. He is part of our life, and part of our extended family now.

When our goods have been carefully crafted, bought wisely and carry a story we are more inclined to value them and to hold them close to our heart. I work with an organisation that receives tonnes of discarded clothing and homeware donations each week, much of it has been barely used. The way we shop, the way we live, the things we value, the stories we connect with and re-tell, begins to shape our own world and has the capacity to carry a global impact.

I urge you to dream big, to learn and explore, to study and to care. I look forward to sharing in your local action, as you live out your calling in your home. Share in my journey also, as I explore my calling and am willing to go wherever God calls us to be.

Live, love, local.