Hemp & Crochet.

I love handicrafts, and I especially love crochet.

And, over the past couple of years I have been regularly working on my crochet hemp wash cloths. I love that it is a portable craft, which I can work on wherever I am on the go. And, I love that I never seem to grow tired of crochet. 

But I have a new crochet project on the go with hemp twine: fruit & veggie shopping bags.
I love these shopping bags - they are light-weight, hard wearing, practical and are perfect for sustainable shopping. Made from handspun hemp twine from Nepal, these bags have texture and each is unique, plus they are natural and organic.

I'm currently working on my sixth bag in two weeks! It has been the perfect handicraft to work on while travelling around. Each bag has been taking me more than four hours of crochet to complete, and I'm loving that I can make something so practical by hand. I love how relevant, practical, useful and sustainable crochet is, right here in 2012!

I'm looking forward to a rich year of handicrafts, of new projects and the bringing to life of ideas. I love the self expression of creativity, and particularly crochet.  If you've never tried crochet, I encourage you to give it a go this year.

You might just love it!


  1. 6 bags in 2 weeks - you are amazing! I love your design and I love the way the natural fibre looks against the produce.


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