Ah, I love the changes in the weather as we move from Summer to Autumn here in Melbourne, Australia. It's nice to have days when the sun is warming through the window, and other days when the rain beats against the roof all day long.

It's also a lovely season for creativity.  

I am currently working on a variety of projects, which I am really enjoying. It's such a great feeling to have a range of outlets for my overflowing creative energy. 

One project I'm loving is working on crochet hand-spun hemp veggie bags. I have done so much crochet with the hemp that now I am just about to run out of balls of twine! It's satisfying to work through my resources. I love these bags, and am currently making myself a nice big one.

Crochet hemp shoppers in my Etsy shop here.

My love of working with upcycled reclaimed Fairtrade Coffee Sacks is keeping me busy as I sew to help us get to LA and beyond!  I love sewing, but even more than that I love using fabrics and fibres which can tell a story and be given a second life. I love taking the time to upcycle and to rework fabric. It is such a rewarding journey to create items by hand, patiently produced, which are unique and full of potential.

Fairtrade Coffee Sack Book & Tablet Travel Bags in my Etsy shop here.

And, for our home I am working on a Nappy Stacker inspired by this image below from here. But mine will be made from my East African wax print. It will be a lovely, colourful and handy resource for the wee one. And, I love that I'll see my African fabric hanging on the door to brighten the room!

Plus, I've rediscovered a cross-stitch I started a long while ago. I hope to get it finished in the next few months, and to have it framed and able to be seen and appreciated on the wall.

And, I am enjoying beading long, single stranded necklaces.

Yes, a creative season - which is giving me great joy!