Choose your own Adventure.

I loved reading books when I was younger which were based around the idea of 'choosing your own Adventure'.  There were so many different ways to construct a story, to take an adventure, to complete a journey.

And, I am constantly reminded how I can choose my own adventure in life. And I LOVE it.

Last month in Vancouver, Canada

I love being courageous enough to try new things - food, fashion, destinations, languages, projects. I am committed to following through on ideas and dreams, and I am willing to do what it takes to invest in them.  Sometimes I feel like there are just so many different ways I could go in life and I wonder which one is the 'best' choice. But I think about it not being any one specific decision that will make my life different, but instead knowing where I'm headed and why and making consistent decisions that help me reach goals and live a meaningful life.

I am thankful that I have been raised by incredible parents, as part of a loving family and within a supportive community which have encouraged my capacity. I live a life of faith, freedom, creativity, opportunity and this is an incredible gift. My joy in life is to give, to participate fully, to dream and act, to choose an adventure worthy of the calling I have received from God.

In some ways I don't think it would really matter which path I took... if I remained living in Melbourne, if I moved back to Tasmania, if I relocated to Nairobi, or Vancouver, or New Delhi or Marrakech - If I was a shop owner, a gardener, a computer programmer, a teacher, a mother, a designer, an academic - if I lived in a slum, a shack, a mud hut, a flat or a house.  There are some fundamental parts of life I hold onto and invest in: my faith, my marriage, my family, my community, and the rest is the beautiful expression of faith, hope and love.

Perhaps one day, sooner or later, I might change direction, career, location. I might surprise friends and family with my choices, I have loads of ideas and can see so many wonderful possibilities. I like the unpredictability of choosing my own adventure, along with my husband Ben. Life is incredibly precious and unpredictable, and must be lived by choice with meaning.

I urge you to choose your own adventure: be intentional, live with purpose and love life.