Becoming a Mum has meant that I think a lot more about tiredness then I ever have before! And as I think about tiredness, I also think about ensuring I take care of myself and recharging.

I think a lot about the things that make me tired, and together with broken sleep it is the energy it takes to connect with people. I love meaningful relationship and quality time, I love connection and dialogue. I value and invest in so many relationships but each time I do I know that it really takes it out of me.

So, to enable me to stay connected - with my little one, and everyone else - I find I need to take time each day to recharge my supply of people-energy. The best way I feel recharged it to immerse myself in something of great value to me. Sometimes this is done by a big walk, where I am able to be quiet and think, and take in the world around with with my baby by my side, fresh crisp air to breath in and the sun shining down on my head.

Another way I feel recharged it to be creative. At the moment I am most passionate about sewing. It is quite handy that I have a hobby that is so refreshing and productive. Lots of people have been commenting to me about how busy I am all the time, and how much sewing I do. But I would say that I am extremely intentional with my time to ensure that I find a healthy life balance: time for God and my faith, time for me, time with my husband and baby, time for my responsibilities and time to refresh, renew, create, grow, learn, love, live the adventure, take risks and to just be.

I have no interest in just being busy, but I love to be intentional and make the most of my opportunities, my passions and talents, and it is exciting to see my dreams become real before my eyes. More than anything I am thankful that I have the opportunity to stay home and care for our baby, thankful that my husband has a job and for the support of the Australian Government as our family grows. I think of the mothers who don't have the freedom to take time off work, who suffer for their children's wellbeing. I pray that I can be a support to other Mum's. It is wonderful to have practical skills that I can share.

Life is definitely richer when in lived in community.