Time to chat.

In any season of life, there are many demands on our time and attention. And, for me these past two and a half years have been one of the most demanding seasons of my life as I take responsibility for raising little ones.

But, my time to think and process the world around me is greater than ever. I often find myself waiting and watching, for a little one to attempt to put on a shoe or another quiet moment of stillness as I sit and breastfeed. And, as I think there is much that I want to discuss and engage with more intentionally.

So, here I am. I need to write.

If ever I wished I had more than one set of hands, this would be the season of my life they would come in incredibly helpful. But, I am just one woman, and I love the feeling of being stretched, to fit everything I long for, inside my tent pegs.

Right now, for Been & Done, I am working on a range of Nappy/Diaper Stackers made from my newest collection of Wax Print fabrics I have recently collected. Wow, such bold and beautiful fabrics. I am enjoying the diversity of my collection, and have been searching out new local and international sources for African Wax Print to enable me to make more stock, and bigger items.

I have combined the high quality cotton Wax Print with some strong, solid coloured duck cloth. I realise that not everyone loves a chaotic, crazy combination of colours and I'd love to help more of these vibrant handmade items go to new homes, and to find a balance to showcase colours, designs and themes.

I love how versatile these Nappy/Diaper Stackers are, you can hang them in a cupboard, from a coat hanger or even from the side of a cot. I especially love the fabric ribbons at the top for tying them on. Inside each of the nappy/diaper stackers is a piece of upcycled plastic coated cardboard, reclaimed from a used lever-arch folder. I love incorporating as much pre-loved resources into my handmade items as possible. 

I have been keen to restock my Etsy shop for the new year, with fresh products, vibrant new fabrics and a range of sizes in Slouch Storage Baskets and Baby & Toddler Harem Pants. Slowly slowly, new ranges are coming together and are being added to my shop. And, now that I have so many new fabrics I want to continue to add new items to extend my range in each product. 

And, now to find a sunny corner for a photo shoot.