Moving house is a great time to stop and reflect on the abundance that comes with life in Australia. We are so incredibly well equipped, resourced, enabled... yet, perhaps I wonder how much we under-utilise our resources. I love to be creative; I love fabric, wool, beads, books - and I feel moved to do a stock-take of my resources so I can utilise them to the best of my capacity.

So, in February I have decided to choose a few resources in my life to celebrate each week. To slow down and be more observant, and to celebrate specific items which I have been blessed with... because I think there are so many blessings which I need to celebrate and be reminded of.

This picture is of the house my husband and I lived in while we were in Kenya last year - Oh, if only I was moving into this house again! Simple living, and I felt more mindful of the resources we had at hand. So with this as a reminder of simple living, I am looking forward to a month of celebrating resources :)


  1. "Simple Living ~ High Thinking"
    Blog On Erica!

  2. Look forward to sharing the journey with you! Love Kath


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