Small talk...

I am really looking forward to the opportunity to piece together my thoughts, experiences and ideas in this blog. I want to write from three different levels of my life and my thinking - level one being my personal experiences, level two being my broader networks and the world around me, and level three being from an international perspective, including reflecting on my networks, ideas and opportunities from a big picture perspective.

So, if you travel this journey with me I know you will hear about all that I am passionate about, about justice and hope, my faith and love, opportunities and dreams, ideas and experiences. I look forward to making small talk on big issues, reflect on opportunities and moments, discuss my dreams and passions. So, stick around and let's make small talk together.

For me, been and done is about being in the moment - what has been will come and go, and what is to come is unknown as yet - but let us travel together, and value all that is here and now.


  1. I'm so excited to read and share in this wonderful contribution you are making by starting this blog. I hope the experience brings you so much joy as I'm sure it will your readers. xx


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