Dream BIG.

Do you dream BIG? Do you have grand goals for your life?

I love the opportunity to dream and to imagine what the future could hold. I love that passion and faith, ideas and opportunities, hard work and commitment can help us to achieve those BIG goals and dreams.

Since discovering we are expecting a baby this year, I have been so excited for the opportunity to share our journey & calling with our child. I can't wait to share our faith, hope, passions, dreams and journey with them. But I really don't understand the people to who say to me things like... 'when you have a baby you won't want to go to East Africa anymore'.

To be honest, thanks for your ten cents worth - but you can have it back.

I don't know what the future holds, but I am confident that our calling is BIG. And we are sold out for it.  We will continue to invest in the community in which we live, and we will live in the moment wherever our feet stand.

But, I will continue to have faith that our calling is more than a good idea. We know who we are, what we stand for, what we live for, and that is what we will share as a partnership, as a family, with our friends, in our workplace, in our community. We are committed to participating in our global community, we are building our skills, knowledge, experience and we are preparing for deployment to a new land.

Perhaps my BIG dreams are outside your thinking, perhaps I want to live in a place that you fear, perhaps I am captivated by opportunities that you don't think are priorities, perhaps you feel threatened that you don't dream BIG enough... and you are entitled to your thoughts, ideas, fears and opinions. But I believe in a BIG God, who has given us BIG dreams. And we will continue to run the race to which we have been called. I am confident the BIG goals and dreams in our hearts will be fulfilled, and will transform our lives and the lives of others.


  1. amen!!!! you go girl hehe. and congrats!! i bet bubby Keen will have a wonderfully adventurous upbringing that will do him/her good! KP


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