A gift.

Today Ben & I celebrate 10 years of marriage!
I'm glad that I pursued you all those years ago Ben, you are the perfect one for me & we make the best team!

It's been an incredible 10 years. Five years living in Tasmania, and 5 years based in the inner West of Melbourne. When we first got together 12 and a half years ago, I never knew that we would share a heart for the poor and disadvantaged, to train and work as International Aid & Development workers with a heart for East Africa.

I love the memories of that special day! It was such fun, and a beautiful reflection of 'us'. We were young, but willing to commit to each other. We made a promise, and have been faithful and have invested in that commitment.  I have such joy and love for you ten years on.  I love that we are passionately pursing our dreams, and that we won't settle for an ordinary life. We know who we are, we know what is important to us, and we are making a trail where there is no path. And best of all, we are taking this adventure as a team. Thank you for all that we share, and I give thanks to God for this gift of an incredible marriage.

Wow - an eternity ring - what a gift to celebrate such an amazing milestone in our lives!  I can't even remember how long I have loved this ring, but it's been a long long time. I can't believe how it is a gift from your Living Statue busking - thanks for your faithfulness in making this dream real for me.  I love that there are three parts, in one (Ecclesiates 4:12). And I love that we are now on the journey as a family of three - incredibly symbolic reflection of our journey!

And here we are... we have faith in a mighty God who has blessed us with a gift. A gift that will change our lives forever. I can't wait to bring them on our journey - to expose them to our global journey, to share a world of culture, language, traditions, adventures, community, faith and hope.  We look forward to growing and learning together as a team of three - can't wait to meet you in September, Baby Keen!

Looking back there is nothing I would change about the past ten years. It has been amazing to journey together, with God as the heart of the life we share. I look forward to the next ten years, and beyond!


  1. Celebration all round!!
    Congrats again on your 10 year anniversary, and congrats again on Baby Keen! Bub will certainly add a new dimension to all your adventures!
    Hope you've been well Erica.
    PS. Beautiful ring - well done Ben.


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