We have recently moved house, from a one bedroom to a two bedroom apartment.

Our new apartment has just been completed! It is spacious and sunny, modern and fresh. It is the most amazing place we have ever lived in.

We moved because we needed more floor space for our active baby, and an extra bedroom as she had outgrown sharing our room. As much as the apartment is impressive and new, we made some gains like a dishwasher at the expense of useful features like a bath.

For me, it is the perfect space to call my own. I love being home. I enjoy my creative workspace and the quiet, sunny location. It is a wonderful place to spend time with the wee one, and big enough to be hospitable and social.

This week we are changing rooms, the initial layout was a good idea but we soon realised it wasn't working very well. The baby was too close to the front door and stairwell, and it was disruptive for her sleep at times. And our room had a poor design flaw of the bathroom/laundry/toilet exhaust fan running noisily in the inbuilt cupboard. But, this noisy fan is the perfect baby whisperer! The babe sleeps even better as is conceals household noises and chatter, and she is less likely to wake and feel she is missing out on the party. Change is perfect for all of us!

And, this week I was fast approaching the end of my year of maternity leave from the African Women's Sewing Enterprise with Green Collect. This was my dream job, working locally to combine Community and International Development with cottage industry income generating projects. It was a dynamic, creative, inspiring role which I embraced wholeheartedly. And this week I resigned to embrace wholeheartedly my new dream job of being a mum. I choose not to return to the workplace, but to invest my heart, passion and creativity into my little sidekick. I will continue to expand and develop my own handmade enterprise, Been & Done, from home.

I love change and work to embrace it wholeheartedly. I celebrate the season to come: setting up house, embracing the time I have with our wee one, and the approach of Spring and a first birthday.

Change is perfect for all of us!