Just use it.

Are you someone who holds onto precious resources and ideas and puts off using them? I am, sometimes.

When I look at my fabric stash I automatically work out in my mind which fabric is too special to be used just yet. I want to keep fabrics for projects for myself, or some of it I know is irreplaceable and I use it sparingly or often not at all.

But, I am determined not to have so many precious things that I never use. I think that approach is backwards living. We need to mix up the ordinary and the extraordinary. Life is precious, and we don't know what the future holds. We need to make good use of the amazing resources, talents and ideas we have got right now.

What makes you hold yourself back from conquering those ideas?... self doubt? lack of confidence? unsure how to move forward with it? The longer you hold onto an idea, the older it gets. An idea is great, but it is just an idea. Use it, expand it, make it yours. Or you might find yourself forever feeling sad that someone else took your idea, acted on your idea, or just somehow ruined the idea for you because they did something with an idea that you held onto for too long. Remember everyone else is on the same journey of self discovery and wrestling with ideas.

Reality is with so much online idea sharing that your ideas will cross over with a many others... Have you checked out Pinterest lately! Wowee.  But you can still make it yours. Put your own flair on it. Use you own hand to make it. Think of ways to be original. Be courageous and have a go. Run the race instead of being a spectator critiquing everyone else. Envy is ugly and it undermines relationships. Celebrate those who do what you admire and long for.

Life is enriched when we live wholeheartedly, intentionally and with great love. Plant the seeds of your ideas and dreams and work to help them to grow and flourish. Don't spend all your time looking at your neighbours yard and envying their progress, while holding onto you packet of seeds. They are on their own unique and precious journey too, and they need you to cheer them on.

I think it's time you had a go at making some of your dreams a reality. Yes? Yes!


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