Shopping Bags.

Just a glimpse of one of the things keeping me busy lately: sewing for the Pop Up Markets - Melbourne Art & Design Fair, Love Local & the Maribyrnong Makers Market - all which I'll be involved in over November & December.

These are my upcycled Fairtrade Coffee Sack shopping bags, featuring fabric I sourced from East Africa. I love how much texture they have. I love the bold colours, the big prints, the contrast of fine wax print to the rough coffee sack. I love that these bags have a story, they have a history and they now have a future. 

I love sewing, and the opportunity to create. I will miss them when they sell, but I love that the story continues, been and done.


  1. So true about the story of the stuff you make continueing erica. People who have bought your products and have actually met you you in the process will remember that and tell others..and sometimes may even pass on something they purchased to someone else for whatever reason. The last product i got of you was a keenie beenie about mmm 5 years ago so i think its time i bought something else.


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