Travel Pouch.

This new project has been on my mind for a long time. Last year I made a sample travel pouch and have used it weekly for my notebook for work. But for lots of reasons I hadn't made any more until last week. 

With a new market that I have got involved in, it felt like the perfect time to expand my range of products for my market stall. I have been collecting gorgeous souvenir tea towels from op-shops and eBay over the past few years and have carefully selected a range to be made into my travel pouches.

Each Travel Pouch has an A5 notebook, and a set of Eco Pencils or Twist Crayons and are $35 each. Perfect for creative space, wherever you might be.

I had an incredibly positive response to the travel pouches at the Pop Up Shop MAD: Melbourne Art & Design Market, and loved how bright, colourful and fun they look!  A highlight of this new design was to give them as gifts to my three gorgeous nieces, all who are about to move overseas and I thought this would be a perfect Birthday/going-away gift for each of them. My heart melted when they opened the gift with 'Ooooh, wow!' and all three excitedly filled page after page with beautiful artwork. 

I was so inspired by the creative persistence of my five-year-old niece, which makes me really, really want to make it a value to have time to sit and draw. I loved how she captured our time together in pictures, my favourite was me jumping on the trampoline, which was also jumping off the ground. With my shoes beside the trampoline, of course.

Love what I can learn from the creativity of others.


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