We have been experiencing an abundant harvest in our garden!

We moved house knowing that there would still be vegetables coming through, but I must admit I didn't image it to be this successful. Every few days we go back and visit, to water and to pick ripe vegetables, and we have been coming home with oodles of capsicums, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, chilli, corn, celery and herbs. WOW.

Amazingly there is still a lot more growing! This is the first summer in a long time that we have been home to tend to the garden. I love the growth in our garden, and am still excited to be eating our own harvest.

Already we have made Tomato Relish, Tomato Sauce and pickled 20kg cucumbers. And next we will make salsa with our chilli's and capsicums, cook our eggplant in a tagine, and make more relish because our last batch was ridiculously tasty.

Love it.


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