Moving House: Book Sale.

As we have just moved house, and massively downsized our floor space... though I love books, it is time to find a good home for lots of them!

No good book should end up in storage, and I certainly can't pack up and take all my books overseas with me. So, I'm having a book sale! Here are the first 18, and I'm asking $5 per book (plus postage). Some books I bought new and some were second-hand for us... but I've read most them and looked after them, and they are all in good condition. If am happy to give reviews on any if you want...

1. Fed Up - World Vision (Devotional for teens about love, poverty and change)
2. China, Inc - Ted C. Fishman (The relentless rise of the next great superpower)
3. Cheap Ways To... (Don't just spend less. Live more)
4. China's Christian Millions - Tony Lambert.
5. Living Water - Brother Yun (The same author as The Heavenly Man)
6. The Road Less Travelled - M. Scott Peck.
7. Faith Like Potatoes - Angus Buchan (The story of a farmer who risked everything for God)
8. Back To Jerusalem - Three Chinese Church Leaders with Paul Hattaway (Called to complete the Great Commission)
9. The City of Joy - Dominique Lapierre (An epic venture into the soul of humanity - filled with love, tenderness and hope) Based in India - I LOVE this book! MEL

10. Extreme Devotion: The voice of the Martyrs - Daily Devotion
11. The Divine Art of Networking - Mal Garvin
12. The Message: The Old Testament Wisdom Books
13. The Vow - Ed Gungor (How a forgotten ancient practice can transform your life)
14. Us Aussies - Mal Garvin
15. Prayer - Phillip Yancey (Does it make any difference?)
16. Family - M.I.L.K photography MEL
17. Jesus Freaks - DC Talk and the voice of the Martyrs (The stories of those who stood for Jesus: The ultimate Jesus Freaks)
18. Secret Believers - Brother Andrew & Al Janseen (What happens when Muslims turn to Christ?)

If you're keen on a book, please leave a comment below and we can arrange payment and postage. Also leave a comment if you have any questions about any of my books. There will be more to come, plus CD's & DVD's!


  1. Sold #9 & 16 please. Mel H xx

  2. potentially interested in Prayer by Phillip Yancey. Will have a look at your other ones too. I see some familiar ones there ;) KP

  3. i'll take the Prayer one please! KP


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