Bali. Day Four.

Big day out, with a long road trip to Pura Besakih. 
The actual distance wasn't that far, but travelling at an average of 40km an hour made for a big car trip. Incredibly Eden snoozed her way through most of the car travel, which helped make a peaceful journey for all of us!

A bit of info about Pura Besakih from Trip Advisor:
Over a thousand years old, Besakih Temple is known as the "Mother Temple of Bali". Perched on the slopes of Mount Agung, at a lofty 1000 metres (3000 feet)Pura Besakih is the paramount Hindu temple on Bali. Located high on the slopes of the volcano Mt. Agung, it has developed over more than a thousand years into a great complex of 22 separate temples, the largest and central being Pura Penataran Agung. The annual cycle of more than 70 rituals, which symbolically link the temples into a whole, culminates in the centenary ceremony called Ekadasa Rudra, last held in 1979. The temple complex, state-supported since the 15th century, has undergone a series of architectural and ritual changes

Highlights of the day included the chance to see more of the Balinese countryside through the bus window as we wound our way up to the temple, and the cooler mountain air.  

What amazes me about the temple, is to think that though it was built over 1000 years ago, it has stood the test of time. It is huge, and breathtakingly detailed. The location is incredible, and the temple has been well preserved. I love the thought that what we do today, can have an impact on the future generations.

A good reminder that we must never underestimate our moment in time.