Bali. Day One.

Hello 2013!

Wow, what a big year 2012 was for my little family.
And for me personally, my whole year was a journey of pregnancy and life with a newborn.

So, we are kicking off the new year with a family holiday to celebrate the journey we have been travelling, and to enjoy time with our little Eden.

On Sunday we flew out of Australia, on our way to Indonesia for a holiday in Bali. Eden loves flying and was happy, peaceful and sleepy for the whole flight. When we stood up to leave we received lots of positive comments about our peaceful baby! From our travelling experience it felt like such a quick International flight - it was so nice to step off the plane and to be met by a blast of warm, tropical air.

The place we are staying at is wonderful, the Bali Mandira Hotel on the beach at Legian. We got a bargain on our accommodation because the pool is under renovations... but there are still two other pools, plus the beach so we certainly don't feel like we're missing out on anything at all! It is a beautiful place to stay, set on two acres of stunning tropical gardens. 

View from our room

I never want to get tired of the wonderful opportunities we get. Never. 
I want to jump on the king sized bed like a little kid. I want to be tempted to take photo's of every good looking meal I eat. To be friendly with everyone who come across my path. To enjoy the beauty of the world around me. To never get tired of hearing Ben learn the local language. To enjoy time with my husband and daughter. To find joy in the journey I am on.

I am loving the time away from home with my little family. My mind is swimming with ideas for the new year. This is the first year in a long time that I won't be heading off to 'work' or study. I feel blessed to have a husband who is able to work to support our little family and for the opportunity to take the year with Eden. I have ideas for home life, my Been & Done sewing, for my wholesale sewing, and for all the adventures I hope to take both near and far. I look forward to unpacking them further as the week unfolds. 2013 will be a year of strengthening and developing ideas, projects and in responding to the call we have for our life.

I celebrate the journey Ben and I have travelled in 2012. I have felt incredibly supported and loved by my man, and I am so thankful Eden has such a wonderful father to love and care for her. I think Eden is in seventh heaven with both of us here, just for her! Eden is so responsive to us - she laughs, coos, squeals, and talks to us so much. We are enjoying her company so much, each day is refreshing, fun and so full of new life, and she is such a rich and wonderful addition to our family.

And, to finish off our first day in Bali we watched fireworks from our balcony!
Thanks for celebrating our arrival, Indonesia! We are loving every minute of being here on holiday.

See you tomorrow!