Bali. Day Three.

Ah, one of those days where I didn't take many photos... because I was too happy relaxing by the pool! We spent the day at our friend's place, enjoying having a pool to ourselves for the day. So much swimming and sunning.

Too sunny and no pool umbrella? No problem! I brought my own.

As yet we have done no shopping! It's not particularly relaxing, and for now I'd rather relax then spend my energy bargaining in the heat. I've seen a few things I like on our walks, and perhaps I might tackle the enthusiastic business people later in the week.

It was lovely to invite our friends over for dinner at our hotel. We enjoyed a delicious buffet, with fresh snapper, banana fritters, chicken skewers and so much more. Delicious. And the highlight of the day was watching Balinese dancing after dinner. I didn't even realise it was going to be on in the restaurant that night, and we had the best seats in the room to watch and enjoy it.

And the best end to a wonderful day is a long and refreshing sleep - Eden is sleeping so well at night, thanks to the air-conditioning!