The more I work with a wide range of people the more I am made deeply aware of differences and diversity.
I share in diversity of points of view, of life experiences; different needs, culture, tradition, beliefs, ideas, values, lives.

And as I think about all this diversity and difference, I am reminded how important it is for all of us to be treated with respect. We need each other; as a body needs all its parts. It is so important the we extend respect to one another: to love your neighbour as yourself. Respect is not exclusive; not only for the famous, the popular, the elderly, the boss. But for each and every person we meet - driving, walking, shopping, school, work, family, friends, strangers.

Respect is a gift we can give each other - to enable, empower, strengthen, uplift. I am going to carry the gift of respect close to my heart so I am ready to give it to anyone I meet.