On Thursday night Ben & I went to the launch of 'S.E.W - Supporting & Empowering Women' a development project running in Arusha, Tanzania with HIV+ women.

I felt engaged with this project for many reasons... Firstly that it was a sewing project with women, which is both what I am doing currently and hoping to do long-term. Secondly, that the project is based in Arusha where we visited this time last year. And finally, that it is a project started by two Australian Uni students in their reponse to the needs of poor HIV+ women they met in Tanzania.

In some ways I wonder why Ben and I hadn't started something similar, but for us our calling is to so much more than just a project. I wonder where this S.E.W. Project might be in ten years time - will it be sustainable? Do the participants have a sense of ownership of the project? Does it support & empower the women involved and is it an exclusive or inclusive project? Does it value local knowledge, skills, culture and traditions?

Wherever we go, whatever we do, our heart is to work in community with others. To use our passions, skills, knowledge hope and love in partnership with others. I love that these young people have taken action - they are ordinary people, making an extraordinary difference - that is something we are all capable of. When we take a step of faith, that is when incredible things can happen.

So, I carry my S.E.W. bag with pride because this bag tells a story of hope - I know of the change it has caused in the life of Happy, the lady who sewed the bag, and the change she has made to my life as the recipient of her hard work. A beautiful story of hope!

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