I like.

1. I really like hot lunches.
2. I like recycling fabrics into new craft projects, and am so used to it that I feel unsettled about going and buying new fabrics now.
3. I like wearing skirts, and I seem to have a growing collection of reclaimed skirts from Green Collective.
4. I really like drinking coffee, particularly a well-made, fair-trade cappuccino.
5. I really like hand-made presents, and I like to give handmade presents... but I can be a bit of a perfectionist with my handmade gifts so they can be slow in production.
6. I like eating crumpets, with honey.
7. I really like crochet, embroidery, sewing, beading, and I want to get better at knitting, learn to print fabric, dyeing, making paper.
8. I like handicrafts made in Africa - they are absolute treasures!
9. I really like shopping at markets, especially when everything there is home-made or home-grown.
10. I like getting text messages, and would often rather communicate via text than call.
11. I like watching TV in the evenings, when working on craft projects.
12. I like toe-rings.
13. I really like having projects to work on, and I like dreaming them up.
14. I like premium beer, especially when it comes from Tasmania.
15. I like the colours orange, brown & green... with a bit of purple, silver, pea green, black.
16. I really like sending and receiving letters in the mail.
17. I like wearing sandals and thongs, rather than closed shoes.
18. I really like driving, and road trips, and outings, and adventures!
19. I really like bookshops, and would love to get a new book each week.
20. I like to write lists!


  1. Ah Erica, A woman after my own heart! I couldn't operate without lists. I love them.


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