There is a new little member of our church community, and to welcome this little baby I had the grand idea of all of us at church to work together to create squares for a blanket. It was so encouraging to have such a warm and willing response! Nearly every woman in the church contributed either a knitted or crocheted square. Wow, this blanket is really amazing - made by a community, and made with love.

Now I get the special job of piecing the blanket together. It's delightful to see it growing, and seeing all the individual squares and the creativity of each person being drawn together.

Oooh, it is just looking lovely! As I've thought about this Women's Collective we've created at church around a common purpose, I think the perfect name for our group is 'Yarraville Yarns', The name is inspired because we all belong to the Anglican Parish of Yarraville, and because this is actually the name of our church newsletter... but I think even better suited to our group of knitters and crocheters!