Ah, I love the little corner of the world that I live in... especially because of the delightful creative souls that I have discovered in my neighbourhood.

My textile course requires me to interview a designer, and it was a great chance to spend time hearing about the journey of a lovely local designer/producer Morgan Wills - ah, what a creative soul! I have been fortunate to meet Morgan through the Maribyrnong Makers Market, an event held every few months in my local area.

Morgan... you are such an encouragement to me - I love that you are passionate & committed to recycling & reusing. I love how you love colour, and get excited about woollen jumpers. I love your zest for life, and I feel incredibly inspired by you. I especially love just how real and down to earth you are! I love that you have time to share of your journey with a keen friend such as me.

Here is a glimpse of just one of Morgan's delightful creations... I love this Mamma & Baby Bushka especially because it is made with a Tasmania t-towel.

Ah, Morgan... you make my heart sing!

Thanks. xx


  1. Thank you for your kind words Erica :-) It has been so lovely to meet so many creative souls such as yourself through running the MMM. Together in our own small ways - we can and do make a difference. Good luck with your assignment! xoxoxo


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