Ah, sometimes life is way too complicated, difficult, tricky, testing, stressful, confusing, or just generally tough. And I know for me it is hard not to get down and overwhelmed by these tough moments. But, I am learning more and more just how important it is to live in the moment. I love putting boundaries around work, play, relationship, & tasks... so that I don't have to carry my burdens with me wherever I go.

I love those moments which bring incredible, and refreshing, joy! I love to laugh. I love to get a hug. I love a surprise gift. I love an encouraging message. I also love ballooning... it is so much fun! Here is a glimpse of my today, Ben captured my joy and I want to cherish it.

The Bible has 242 references to joy, and 174 references to hope. That is more than enough to remind us to keep hold of joy and hope. I think joy is something we need to seek out - to ensure it doesn't go missing in the chaos of everday life. The joy today from ballooning, from hanging out with fabulous friends from church, from the warmth of the sun, from selling my handmade treasures, from the companionship of my husband, refresh my soul. Love it.

Psalm 67.