I'm so glad you said yes when I asked you out twelve years ago, Ben!

I love our life together. 

I love what we stand for and believe in. I love our values and passions and I love that we take action and choose to live a dynamic and meaningful life. I love that you are my soul mate.

Yes, our hair has changed: more for you than for me I think. And our style has matured: though I think we are still true to what we love. And I think we are looking good together now and I love that we are working to be healthy and holistic. This life journey together has been incredible!

Thanks for being with me through joy and sorrow, challenges and success, and for that we've lost but all we've gained. Thanks being willing to see the world with me, for unquestionably supporting my creative endeavours, for taking such great care of me. You are fun, loud, and energetic, but also kind, full of integrity, and wise.

I'm glad I found you all those years ago!


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