Tonight as I sat on the couch, I looked up and saw our nativity that sits on our bookcase. I love it too much to only put it out for just a month a year. It is beautifully hand carved in Rwanda. We visited Rwanda earlier this year so this is very special to us, we bought this fair-trade set just before Christmas last year. 

For the past five years of living in Melbourne we have not been at home for Christmas, but rather with our families in Tasmania. We don't have a Christmas tree, we don't really put up any lights or decorations but I really wanted one special handcrafted symbol of Christmas to have in our home. 

I really don't love the hype and craziness of Christmas, though I do love the hope and connection of it. I would love to remember the meaning of Christmas through the year, to remember the heart of my faith and that is why I love having this nativity as a reminder of a story of an incredible past that enables an amazing future.

What makes your Christmas special? Are there things you have that remind you of the foundations of your faith?


  1. Well said Erica Keen.

    I havent always enjoyed christmas time but that has changed a lot in the last 10 years. I think spending time with friends that share similar values to me remind me of the foundation stuff you mention.


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