That which I love.

A few things that I love at the moment:

Receiving letters from our sponsor child, Ezekiel, who lived in Tanzania. I love hearing what life is like for him, and being able to support him to help him reach his potential.

Listening to the radio. I could happily have it on all the time, and not just in the background but loud enough that I can hear each song and enjoy the creativity of music.

Welcoming my friend Victorine from Western Kenya to my house. Showing her our garden, our chickens and all our precious East African treasures in our house. I think it was clear to her how much we love East Africa and our time working with her at the UCRC in Kenya.

Walking around my local suburb. I could happily walk all the time, with no specific destination but just to enjoy being outside in the elements. 

Sewing for a purpose to help support my childhood friend and her family during a very difficult time. I love that I have the capacity to take action to use my creativity to support, share and help.

I love when friends, and strangers, engage with me through my communications online. Making a small effort connecting online can make a lasting impact, give great encouragement and be a very special reminder that we are not alone.

And, finally finding organic cotton on a wooden reel. I think it is gorgeous and I love that I can integrate my values into my passions and activities. Thanks to all those people that have made this product available. Those people behind the scenes in the production line: the growers, the spinners, the sellers, the managers and decision makers, the stockists and all those that have handled such a small item - I love it, and thank you!

One final thing I love is sharing my creative world with those who take the time to read my blog. xx