It is a joy to journey through the seasons.

I love the growth and changes of the land and I love to see the responsiveness of creation as we invest in it. And on a personal note, I am surprised by my deepening passion for investing in the land. In fact, the more the work in our yard the more ideas and enthusiasm I have to achieve more. We planted a vegie garden a few months ago, which is finally flourishing, and in the past few weeks we have even invested in a small chainsaw so we could also reign in the neglected and over-grown trees. Today I harvested broccoli, cabbages and snow peas from our garden. Finally we are free of the possum and the vegies can enjoy the sun and rain, and grow happily!

We are now planting tomatoes, and revamping two garden beds along the side of the church. Firstly we removed all the crazy overgrown geraniums, and found 4 rose bushes struggling underneath (they have now been transferred):

The view of the transformation (from the other end), the yard is feeling bigger when the plants and trees are finally removed and tidied up.

We have done even more since this picture was taken, a constant work in progress. I love taking it all little by little... if it feels like a huge task it may just never happen, but if we work consistently the garden flourishes and improves.

I thought gardening wasn't really my thing, but I realise it's not the garden I love as much as being in tune with my environment and engaging with creation. Today I had planned other projects to work on, but I just wanted to be outside instead. So refreshing and interesting.

I love the growth that has come from our faithful work in the garden, and I love the growth in me as I learn more about connecting with the world around me.


  1. Nice To read your peace about growth Erica and your desire to understand and appreciate your surroundings. Garden looks great- anom


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