I love wool!

Since moving in to this house at the beginning of the year, I have been slowly transforming the dining room to be the ultimate craft work space. The objective is to contain the craft in a function and visually appealing way, without it taking over the house.

So, this rack was hiding in the cupboard in the space room barely utilised, and now it contains (nearly) all my wool collection - and even better now I can see and appreciate it. I think it's a beautiful feature in the corner of the dining room.

I love my wool collection, but am aiming to use as much as possible for the fundraising blanket squares we are working on. If you want to help out, let me know and I'll pick you a beautiful ball of wool to work with.

And, I love that I have a supportive husband who values my passion for creativity, and my ridiculous amount of craft supplies. Lovely indeed.


  1. Lovely! I'd love to take part too (I meant to say before and forgot sorry!) Maybe we can sit and hook some squares soon! xx love you


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