Well, the blanket created for the new arrival at church has been completed and gifted... but the creative collective ideas continue!

Oh, I would love to collectively create a few more blankets to fundraise for Lydia's List. Lydia's List is a project of TEAR Australia designed to provide long-term financial support for community development and advocacy work among women struggling against poverty, and to assist Christians, particularly women, to give, learn, act and speak out in support of women around the world.

So, after a brief chat to some of the ladies who participated in the previous blanket project, there seems to be a willingness to continue to get involved in making another one that we can sell as a fundraiser. It was suggested to make a 'Summer season' blanket in the colours of red, orange, yellow... which got me to thinking it would be incredible to make four blankets, four by four squares, reflecting the four seasons.

Does this creative collective idea appeal to you? It would be so special to have many hands contributing. If you are keen to make a 20x20cm square from either crochet or knitting then let me know. I can post you some wool, and you can return to me your creation. I can keep you up to date with the progress of the project. What an opportunity to act, to give and to use your skills and passions to enrich the lives of other.