I love being outdoors!

I especially enjoy eating a meal with those I love on a warm evening out on the patio.

We have a fabulous patio area, with lots of potential (meaning it could do with some love and attention). Since the Aussie dollar is so strong with the US dollar at the moment, I have bought us a few of these lovely recycled lanterns from The Hunger Site to hang in the patio.

I just can't wait for these beautiful lanterns to arrive!

I have loads of ideas of what we can do with the patio, including my proposal for a day-bed - the best thing so far has been getting an amazing teak outdoor table (on a super clearance sale!). I think what I love most about this space is making the effort to have a lovely home that we can share with friends & family - to create an amazing atmosphere at home for our own 'eating out'.

Ah, bring on the sunshine, good food, great company and enjoyment of our own little piece of the world!