A Bunch of Flowers.

These days there are just so many ways to communicate with one another: phone, text, email, internet, blogging, Skype, letters, photo's, flowers, gifts and more.  And sometimes I feel like even though I have so many communication tools at hand, I don't always feel in very close communication with others.

The expressive face during a nappy change!

Communication is very much on my mind as I learn to communicate with Eden. It's amazing how much she can tell me, and she's only 26 days old! Today I worked out that she was too hot when she was in the carseat. Fair enough, as it was a hot day today and our car can be terribly stuffy! I think I am often thinking about keeping her warm enough, and this sunny Spring day snuck up on me.

I love that she tells me so many things, without words.

And yet, I feel like I have so many forms of communication at hand that I don't use them to their capacity. In some ways I feel like I am in love with 'old fashioned' forms of communication, especially letters. Everyday I go to check the mail with way too much enthusiasm! I am always hopeful to find something special there, but this feeling is definitely not the same when checking my email! But I know that letters are costly, they take time and effort. When they come, they are very much cherished! Thank you to all those friends and family who make the effort in this way for myself, and Eden.

The beautiful thing about having a baby is the ripple effect is has on family and friends. There is a joy in new life that is refreshing and uplifting. I love how we come together and celebrate. I have been really looking forward to having our baby, and receiving flowers from my loved ones! The effort of giving flowers communicates so much love, and is so special. Ben has given me flowers consistently for the past 13 years and the love overflows out of each bunch I receive. I love receiving flowers, so very very much.

Thanks for the bunch of flowers we got yesterday, Kathy!

My commitment is to make the most of communication - in all its diversity. I want to get to the end of the month and have used up my phone credit, just like I did the month Eden was born. I want to send gifts and letters, flowers and photo's. I love sharing online, and enjoying the global community of the internet. It's such a highlight of my day sharing photo's and a glimpse of my world online. And it is great to feel loved and seen, and to feel connected with so many special people.