Wee One.

Since welcoming our gorgeous little Eden into our home, it has been such a wonderful time getting to know each other. Already there are identifiable characteristics in her... she sneezes just like my husband Ben, and is tickly like me. It has been a precious time of connection, of falling in love, of enjoying one another.

From a practical perspective there have been some wonderfully useful items I've appreciated having when with Eden. And I'd thought I would share them:

1. The milk bar cushion: the perfect cushion for feeding Eden, helping making her comfy on me and for resting my arm on too. Love that someone made such a useful cushion!

2. Upcycled Wipes: These stacks of wipes I have made from upcycled vintage towels. They are perfect for all leaks, explosions and spills. And they look so lovely sitting in all corners of the house! Love living creatively, responsibly, carefully.

3. Nursing Pads: Made myself from gorgeous little pieces of fabric, and lined with reclaimed flannelette and iron on vinyl to make them waterproof. Love being equipped to make my own resources. 

4. ErgoCocoon Baby Swaddle: These are fabulous and easy to use swaddles. Eden sleeps like a dream in them! I love that they have a reverse zipper to enable me to put her in the car without needing to take her out of it completely. A clever design and a practical resource.

5. My heat pack: perfect for all the aches and pains from a long pre-labour and labour, and great to help feel cosy and relax on a cool Spring evening. I made this two weeks before delivering Eden, from gorgeous Echino fabric, and filled it with with wheat and Tielka Fairtrade Masala Chai tea. It smells amazing when heated!

Ah, a glimpse into my world at the moment! 
We are glowing from the joy of a new wee one.