The project I have been working on the for the wee one has come together beautifully! I love the colours and the pattern, and now I just need to decide how to finish the rug. I'm wondering if I put a backing on it, and whether to make half flowers to finish it as a rectangle or to leave it as it is...?

Already I feel like it is a precious gift to my baby from my hands. I love that I can create for her, and make her something so special. I'm thankful that I have invested my creativity into items of worth.

I just love crochet. I could quite happily crochet all the time! I've been making Teenie Weenie Keenie Beanies as gifts for friend's who are soon to have their own babies, I've also been crocheting hemp wash cloths, and I'd like to crochet Eden a hooded cardigan and perhaps a cushion or two for the couch. I love the versatility of crochet, the texture and how the hook can manipulate the yarn. I love that it can be chunky and fine, loose and tight.

The perfect inspiration!

I've now mastered the ability to crochet and breast feed at the same time! What a great use of cosy, cuddly, resting time. There is something soothing and relaxing in the repetitiveness of the art of crochet. I love counting and the mathematical component of it too.

Ah, I just love crochet. Yes indeed!