Change of pace.

There are times I feel like the soundtrack for my life changes.
And with that change of music, is a change of pace.

Earlier this year I took on extra work roles and responsibilities, and I felt busy. Every day was jam packed and I was being stretched. I constantly felt like the pace of life was quick and I needed to run to keep up with it all.

And now, there is a new pace I need to fall in to. This pace is somewhat unknown, often unpredictable and very peaceful. I feel like I no longer have an endless to-do list, but instead my job is just to be - with Eden. My idea of productivity is being reshaped, and my patience and peacefulness is being developed.

I love the change.
I cherish a moment in life where 'work' is secondary to love and life. I love the soundtrack that is playing at the moment. It is a mix of down-to-earth folk music and alternative smooth tunes, with some funk and dance to help with the household chores.

Love a change of pace.