I love an ocean getaway!

It's such a treat to live just an hour drive from such a beautiful part of the world. I love the combination of the ocean, the green paddocks and eucalyptus trees, comfortable accommodation and unique little shops and cafes.

This is where we stayed in Ocean Grove:

The last time we stayed here was in March this year, for our ten year wedding anniversary. We also announced at the same time that I was 3 months pregnant. A very special time indeed!
And now we return here for our ocean getaway as a family of three. Eden is now three weeks old and it is lovely to go on a road trip, and take a little holiday, together.

It's fun to be a family of three!
Aspects of life have changed - such as being awake early, but it's nice to be able to seize the moment and take a walk together while Ben slept - eating dinner at home, but we got amazing Thai takeaway and watched 'What to expect when you're expecting' - timing our outings according to Eden's feeds, which is lovely because we are more restful and enjoy the slower pace - Eden loves sleeping on the go, so it's wonderful walking with her to help her sleep.

Our accommodation is amazing! 
The pool looks so inviting, but the Spring weather wasn't quite warm enough for a swim in an outdoor pool - but I'm so glad the local ducks are enjoying the water!

But, better than an outdoor pool is having our own spa! I love spa baths, and they feel so luxurious. 

And now we embark on a new week relaxed and recharged from our ocean getaway. 
It's lovely to find a change of pace, to spend time together and to get out and about.  I love quality time with the ones I love. Resting and relaxing is so important, and so refreshing.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to live life to the fullest.
Love ocean getaways!