Well... what a week it has been! I think it feels a bit like being at an all-you-can-eat buffet and just being overwhelmed by delicious options!

The African Women's Sewing Groups have begun and are just bustling; fun and friendly, colourful and noisy, creative and encouraging. It is beautiful to see people from diverse cultures, faiths, and walks of life working side-by-side. I believe it is how God designed communities to be.

In each group there will be four of us, myself and three local African ladies. Each week one of us will bring something special to share for morning/afternoon tea - this week was delicious Somalian snacks! We sewed pin cushions and Vintage Tea Towel pockets for our sewing bits and pieces. Wow, I am excited about what is to come! These women are passionate, and keen to be busy and creative. I feel blessed to be involved.

And this week I have begun my classes at RMIT... oh-my-gosh! I am incredibly excited and overwhelmed, inspired and challenged. I feel like I am in the right place, like I am at a tree full of rich, ripe fruit ready for picking and to be richly enjoyed. It is so practical, so useful - I feel like I need to pinch myself! I love that I am learning about colour, and design, and identifying yarns and fibres. So, yep I'm pretty excited about it all... it's not perfect though. It's hard to adjust to no longer studying alongside Ben, settling to new schedules and paying fees isn't the best bit. But, I know I will talk about my new adventure regularly as I continue on this journey...


  1. Wow, this sound so exciting Erica! It's so great to share in the experiences of others and learn new things :)


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