Hemp Dish Cloths.

I am currently working on a project kit to make your own Hemp Dish Cloth.

It will include: a pattern I have designed, just the right size ball of hemp and a size 5 crochet hook.

As I am preparing the pattern, I have been working on a variety of designs for the dish cloth.
Generally I have made rectangle or square but I have also tried round. So far everyone I have shown it doesn't think round works as a dish cloth - so I was wondering what you think?

Love to hear your thoughts! And would love a few volunteers to test out the pattern and kit before it is finalised. If you are willing just let me know :)


  1. I love the circle, but I think rectangular works best. I would be happy to test it out, from a beginners perspective...as i don't know how to crochet!! Em P x

  2. I like that the round could double as a nice little potholder, but I think the rectangle works best as a dishcloth and would be easiest for a beginner to learn. I guess you could always include both patterns in the set, and enough hemp for just one cloth?
    I'd love to test it out for you!

  3. Hey great exploring new ideas. I had thought when we sold that lady the hemp ball to make a dish cloth..I had wondered but never really put two and two together to set as a set..awesome idea. I have a feeling that you will have lots of people putting up their hands to test it out. I think as a non-crochet-er I think the square cloth would be easier to follow pattern..but I don't think it would actually matter that much to dishes what shape it is.

  4. my vote is rectangle too.
    i've never crocheted. but is that the point? if so, i'll volunteer if you can post it to me.


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