Oh, I love learning! I love information, ideas, stories, statistics. I think because I love it so much I will always be the kind of person who will seek to expand my knowledge and understanding regardless of where I am, or what I'm doing.

But, for now I am celebrating the opportunity to embark on a new course at RMIT: Textile Design and Development. Oh, I am just so excited! I feel the best thing about this study will be the opportunity to intentionally focus on creativity, handicrafts, to develop my skills as a designer/producer in cottage industries and how I can integrate it into my passions for working alongside the poor. The most exciting thing about this course is doing it after completing my Bachelor of International Development, this study with be done to harmonize with this passion and journey I am already on.

So, I am feeling very blessed that the door has opened for me to embark on such a wonderful opportunity. God has given me an incredible opportunity to serve him, by utilising my passions and talents. I want to share my love, life, passions, skills and ideas with others, to be in community. To love creativity is not enough, to love and support one another through the sharing of creative skills, ideas and passions is transforming. This year will be very special - hard work and passions intertwined to bring dreams and hopes to life. Bring it on!


  1. Hi Erica, enjoying your blog & looking forward to hearing more about the course & what you learn from it!


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