So, my life always seems busy - I am a woman who loves adventure; I'm passionate and a big picture person, so there is always something for me to be engaged with. And with this in mind, this month I want to slow right down and celebrate all the wonderful resources in my life. After our travels abroad, I am always deeply impacted by the richness of life in Australia. The one thing that seems so familiar and normal, yet essential and precious is food! When I am overseas I am reminded of the incredible richness of the food at home.

But, I am reminded that not everyone is blessed with food in abundance. The World Food Program explains 'Hunger and malnutrition are still the number one risks to health worldwide' - 1 in 6 people do not get enough food to be healthy. I know that I live as part of a Global Village, and life is richer when it is shared with others. So as I celebrate the blessing of great food in my life, I must also consider what I need to do to share with those who do not get enough food to be healthy. I am excited that our church has started a Community Garden - what a blessing it has been to our Church community! This garden is a practical example of shared resources and a practical reminder that I want to remain committed to helping others. And so with all this in mind I am thankful for God's gift of fuel.


  1. I made a Karen (from Burma) curry on sunday with fresh basil from the church garden...thank you growers!!!


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