Fresh air.

I love the beach.

On Valentines Day we went for a drive to Torquay, Victoria to take my brother-in-law Levi to the beach and out for lunch. We sat and shared fish and chips while overlooking the ocean from a park bench on top of a cliff face.

Being at the beach felt like soul food for me. It was windy and refreshing, warm and sunny, peaceful yet majestic. After three months in Africa last year, and since being back here I find myself just yearning to be outside in the sunshine. The whole adventure out and about to the beach today was very energising, and when I got home I just could not sit still! I went outside and jumped on my new trampoline, pulled in a whole washing line full of fresh dry washing, and went to sort stock for my Church Op-Shop.

But, I think that visit to the beach will linger with me. I loved it.


  1. Yeah nice! I'm hanging out for that very experience! Looking forward to catching up with you guys soon!


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