That which I love.

I think ballooning is so much fun.

Today, in photography class we needed to bring along a 'product' we have produced for our first photography assessment task. For the past few years I have just wanted to be able to take awesome photos myself of my balloon creations. So, when the opportunity arose I jumped at the chance to photograph my balloons.

Ah, my skill in balloon sculpting is somewhat unusual and caused quite a stir in class! We all had so much fun with it, lots of laughs and so many lovely comments. It was a fabulous time, and the best thing is as I am learning slowly about using a digital SLR camera on manual settings - I am getting really excited about taking photography to another level for myself!

Well, it was a fabulous way to finish off a week at RMIT. And the best thing is it is a really small class, and everyone took a balloon creation home with them.

Oh, I love balloon sculpting!


  1. Nice one Erica! It's great your learning photography! I love your Lady Bug, he's awesome ;)

  2. I'm sure they were a hit! great pics

  3. Oh I am so jealous!! Pics are will have to teach me all you know!!


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