Lately I haven't done much reading, as when I am sitting down I am either busy with handicrafts, my laptop or snoozing! But my heart desires to read a million books... books about everything - craft ideas, global matters, individual's stories, cooking inspirations, gardening know-how, God's word, books with info, knowledge, passion, ideas, and dreams.

Craft Inc. has been recommended to me by my sister, and I'm keen to check it out:

Dinner with Mugabe is a book I have just purchased from Green Collective, which looks very interesting:

And, Nine Lives, by William Dalrymple (an author I have read before) which is his newest book found in my local op-shop!

So, this means I must make time to read, read, read... because there are SO many good books at my fingertips! I know once I get over the hurdle of sitting still with a good book, I will quickly get back into the swing of it!