That which I love.

This week I have been thinking about all the things that I love! So, I thought I might write about it tonight...

I love walking!

I love walking so much that if I could, I would walk and walk and walk. Everywhere if possible. In fact, one day in the near future I hope to live somewhere where everything I need is able to be walked to, and that when I go walking I bump into lots of people on my travels. But for now I faithfully walk to work in Yarraville, and walk to the shops in Newport and if I'm lucky I might see another person out and about! The biggest downside of walking so much is that I wear out my shoes - but cheaper to replace than car tyres!

I love family!

Over the past few weeks we have had heaps of Ben's family come and stay at different times. It's been such a treat hosting them, and just being able to hang out together here at home. Plus we had a big family catch up at the recent wedding of Ben's brother Andrew, and I got to stay the night at the house of my brother and his wife and son. Family catch-up's are fun and so special! I think living away makes the catch-up's even more special

I love birthdays!

I don't love being the centre of attention, but I do love feeling so super special for a day! I love getting lots of texts and messages for all the people who are special to me, and I love being loved. I believe life is worth celebrating, and I believe in seizing the moment and making the most of each day!