I shared in a very special cultural exchange in preparation for the family wedding I went to last week. I work alongside five Somalian women in the African Women's Sewing Enterprise and each week I share with them about my life and my world. As I told them about the upcoming wedding, one of the ladies tells me about how they dress for a wedding and how they get henna done. So the day before we flew to Tasmania I went along with her to get henna designs on my hands and feet by her friend! Wow, it was such a special moment of cultural exchange and I felt like I had been able to see more of the Somalian culture, and saw more of my friend's world - with a highlight of meeting some of her eight kids! And since having the henna designs done it has generated heaps of comments and enquiries. Very special indeed. This is the second time I've had henna designs done, with the last time being with a local friend in Janakpuri in Delhi, India. So, henna is not only incredibly beautiful but also deeply meaningful and significant for me. A treasure to wear and enjoy!


  1. Must have been a fantastic experience. Looks great too!


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