I love Etsy!

And especially I love just wandering around on Etsy, enjoying other people's creativity. It is just so incredibly more-ish and fun! I think it's the best online makers market, to visit from the comfort of my own lounge room! And I love to search by topics which interest me - 'recycled' - 'upcycled' - 'ethical' - 'fair trade' - 'clouds' - 'owls' - 'buttons' - 'hemp' - and the list goes on! I feel like time just fades away as I move from one beautiful item to another.

So, my dream of having my own Etsy shop just must happen I think! It will be lovely to belong to an online community of creativity and I need to just embark on it rather than just dreaming about it.

And, I'd love to know what you love to look at on Etsy?