It has now been exactly one month since we embarked on the investment of a vegie patch in our backyard! Since it is right outside our bedroom window, I am constantly checking how it is progressing when I open the blinds each morning. The biggest challenge so far has been finding an organic means to keeping the creepy-crawlies away from eating all our lovely greens!

To be honest I was feeling like not much was happening, but as I reflect back on how much growth has occurred in one month I am celebrating the investment. I have done a little bit of weeding each week, which is keeping it looking neat and tidy! I think gardens are such a beautiful reminder to the value of investing in something important, and longer term - however small it might seem to be to begin with, growth happens right under our noses and often we don't even notice it! We can't fast-track growth, but we can certainly celebrate the journey travelled :)


  1. It's looking good Erica and Ben.

    What have you found works best for keeping pests at bay?


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