How do you cope when your life is really busy?

Lately there are times when I am convinced there is not a minute in my day which isn't jam-packed! A huge part of me just loves it - loves being busy, having things to look forward to, having the pressure to be productive and achieve my goals and passions. And another part of me thinks about how best to tackle all the tasks and responsibilities ahead of me... to think it through so I make the most of it, rather than just scrape through.

I know I definitely perform best under pressure - I have seen it with Uni assignments, when they seemed too enormous to even know where to start, and then when they are due in 5 days all of a sudden I have to find a way to tackle them and to conquer them - because I don't want to fail, and also because I am passionate about my study and I want to reflect that in my assignments! My teacher in my colour and design class asked me if I work best when I have deadlines... and as I thought about it, I identified that I really do. I think because all my questions, uncertainties, self-doubt, procrastination, wondering, perfectionism, and worry are overshadowed by the importance of what it is I need to achieve. I believe I can achieve the task at hand because I am the right person for the job, I am not here by mistake or coincidence or as an impostor. I have travelled a journey, I am equipped and resourced, I am passionate and capable and I have my opportunity to shine! I love the pressure to help me push through and to win.

So, today when I am thinking about the zillions of things I need to tackle, I will take a step of faith and capture each moment.

Beautiful flowers from when my honey-mooning brother and sister in law came to visit. Small acts of faith make incredible impacts on others :)