The past six months have been incredible with abundantly rich new bits and pieces of technology for me. My husband is incredible generous and supportive to my passions, dreams and ideas... and he is enthusiastic in investing in me. We share a rich life, and he supports my loves in life in so many ways - from understanding my desire for a zillion different balls of wool in every tone and shade, to allowing my craft to infiltrate every room of the house, and especially he is willing to invest in technology which facilitates my dreams to come to life.

So with my gift of Adobe CS5 for my Birthday (wowee!) and now that I am on holidays from my study I feel like I have the time to play, learn and have fun with my awesome new technology! And my Adobe can make friends with both me and my fabulous Bamboo graphics tablet... which I have just been longing to make time to enjoy. I celebrate the blessing of my husband's support, the richness of technology which facilitates my passions for creativity and the love of having time to just play and try new things. Ah, happiness!